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P.N.S Consists of the following divisions:

P.N.S Offers Education through two Separate Programs:

PART ONE » The National Program:

The National Program accommodates students from Kg-12 grades and leads to Secondary Certificate (Tawjihi). This program follows the Ministry Curricula. Through this program P.N.S also offers special courses in Science, French, and Math. In addition there is a special Program for students with special needs (slow learners…..etc ).

The Kindergarten:

P.N.S kindergarten is a garden for learning , where we provide a warm, personalized and informal atmosphere which gives the child the advantage of gradual adjustment from home to school.

We believe that the parents, the community and the teachers share the responsibility of helping the child to make the important adjustment by giving him the opportunity to do so.

Our curriculum embraces the content areas taught in the primary school. It is presented as a set of experiences that develop concepts, foster skills, improve a positive self image and lay the foundation for future learning.

The Primary School:

At this stage of learning our department aims to develop and improve our students' fluency in all aspects of learning the language of their mother tongue or other languages like English and French.

We are convinced that each student simplifies a rough stone that is waiting to be polished and nurtured each in accordance with his unique qualities and abilities so as to reach their full potential.

The Secondary Schools:

Secondary SchoolsOur schools at this stage , focus on the value of learning as being a means of gaining insight into other people' cultures besides being a necessary tool for the community economic and technological development.

Great emphasis is put on developing students' skills of self- learning, critical thinking , and problem solving for life long education. The more able students as well as the less able have been given particular attention.

In addition, our staff is committed to ensure the success of all our students by providing them with all the necessary support and counsel so as to make them creative and productive citizens in their society.

PART TWO » International Programs ( IGCSE / GCE and SAT's)

  • IGCSE(International General Certificate of Secondary Education)
  • SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test)


InternationalSecondary education is undergoing significant changes in many parts of the world, with the aim of improving the quality of education and its suitability for each and every student. Teachers and educators have expressed the need for wide curriculum specifically tailored to international needs, with an assessment system appropriate for students of all abilities. After extensive consultation with international educationalists , the international General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) , GCE and SAT's.

IGCSE aims to prepare students for further academic success, including progression to As and A2 level study, IGCSE in conjunction with the next higher level of examinations.

The SAT's helps ALL the students specially who think of studying in America or Canada, both IGCSE / GCE and SAT gain the Jordanian Tawjihi equivalency.

Tawjihi equivalency:

To achieve the equivalency to the Jordanian Tawjihi (Jordanian school leaving certificate) you must do the following:

  • You should provide the Ministry with a proof that you have completed 12 years of schooling
  • Passing grades are as follows:
    • O-level/IGCSE/GCSE: A, B, C and D
    • A-level/AS: A, B,C,D, and E
  • To gain Tawjihi equivalency with the scientific stream, the following is required:
    • 6 Passes in O-level/IGCSE/GCSE exams including:
      • Two passes in exams of the sciences
      • One pass in Arabic
    • 2 passes in A-level:
      • One full A level or 2 AS's must be in mathematics or a full A-level in physics
      • Tithe other A-level may be an AS/A2 in any science or two AS's in two Sciences
  • To gain Tawjihi equivalency with the literary stream, the following is needed:
    • 6 passes in O-level/IGCSE/GCSE exams including:
      • One pass in Mathematics
      • one pass in Computer Studies/Information Technology
    • 2 passes in A-level:
      • One full A-level must be in Arabic
      • The other A-level may be an AS/A2 in any literary subject or two AS's in any two literary subjects or one AS in a literary subject and one AS in a scientific subject.
  • At the advanced level Computing is considered a science subject. At the ordinary level Computer Studies and Information Technology are considered as science subjects
  • AS levels: The Ministry of Education has agreed that two AS subjects are equivalent to one A level for Tawjihi equivalency purposes. To receive an equivalency for a science subject the two AS subjects should be science subjects (i.e. AS Biology + AS Chemistry). If one AS is a science subject and the other is a literary subject (i.e. AS Math. + AS Arabic) then it equals one A level towards the literary stream. The student should check with the university they are applying to whether they require a full A level or not .
  • For the SAT's Tawjihi equivalency the Students gain scientific stream equivalency only , the following is required:
    • SAT I : Math, English
    • 7 subjects in SAT II

IGCSE Syllabus Groups :

The curriculum includes the following syllabuses in five subject groups.

Group 1: Languages
Group 2 : Humanities and Social studies
Group 3 : Sciences
Group 4 : Mathematics
Group 5 : Creative technical and vocational Business. Child development.

A-Levels ( Advanced Level)

This is a two-year course of study offered by the university of London and university of Cambridge that begins in grade 11. Students will carry their obtained marks forward from the Advanced Level (AS) and combine them with the A2 part of the Advanced Level to obtain a full Advanced Level qualification.

In addition to the British Program P.N. S offers special classes in the 7th and 8th grade ( before entering the IGCSE in the 9th grade ) for student ' who are coming from foreign countries with inadequate Arabic language skills (proficiency ).


  • The students submit 2 subjects for SAT I after grade II.
  • 7 subjects are submitted after grade 12

The Philadelphia National Schools is offering the following subjects:

The compulsory subjects are
  • Classical Arabic
  • ESL
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Math
  • Biology
  • Information technology
  • Religion study (Ministry Course)
  • P.E (Ministry Course)
  • Social Studies (Ministry Course)

The optional subjects are:

  • Human Biology
  • Business Studies
  • Child Development

Grade 11:

  • AS Math (London Board)
  • AS Biology
  • AS Physics
  • Full A Modern Arabic
  • As Chemistry

Grade12: A2 (London Board)

  • Math
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Arabic
  • Chemistry

Grade 11 (SAT I):
Math , English
Grade 12 (SAT II):

  • Math (calculus or algebra)
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • English literature
  • History

Physical Education

Physical EducationPhiladelphia Schools have four wide outdoor playgrounds that are used for practicing all physical sports like basketball, football, movement skills and game skills .

In addition we have a closed heated swimming pool and another room for gymnastics and body- building with all the necessary sports equipments and a third small room used for playing chess.

Our highly qualified coaches formed both junior and adult teams for all types of sports and joined almost all private and government schools and possessed advanced ranks.

We arrange regular training courses for all sports on Saturdays and during the summer holiday