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Philadelphia National Schools are distinguished for their location at Al Rawnaq area which is a perfect healthy environment for being away form the noise and the crowd at an approximate area of (1200 square meters) . P.N.S consist of three buildings : one for both the K.G and the primary school, another for the girls secondary school and the third for the boys secondary school. Large playgrounds surround the buildings with a convenient parking area. You can easily reach our schools from all parts of the city.

School Facilities

Medical Care

Medical Care :

P.N.S has a fully furnished and equipped clinic , run by a full time highly qualified doctor who offers :
1- Daily first aids.
2- Complete medical care and check-ups.
3- Vaccinations to students according to their age.
4- Dental check ups by a qualified dentist.

School libraries

School libraries :

P.N.S libraries are equipped with a great amount of fiction and non fiction books both in English and Arabic, encyclopedias, magazines and periodicals so as to offer our students all what they need to research and be able to access all types of information that support the curriculum.

Computer Facilities

Computer Facilities :

P.N.S. has four computer labs (Elementary lab- Girls Secondary lab – Boys Secondary lab and the IGCSE lab) in addition to having a Computer in each class in the K.G .

All Computers are connected to a central server and the Internet Via ISDN (Integrated Services digital network) . Our facilities include a self-access center with Internet and E-mail facilities , CD Rom computers and language laboratory .

Science Laboratories

Science Laboratories :

Our School has a well-equipped science lab at the primary school in addition to another three specialized labs at the secondary school : a biology lab , a chemistry lab and a physics lab . Our labs are in accordance with the international safety standards .


Music :

The primary school has a music room that has all the instruments and facilities that enable all students specially gifted ones to practice the skills of playing music or singing .

Fine Art

Fine Art :

Professional artists teach P.N.S students to explore the beauty of the surroundings , evaluate and express their visions freely . They work with different materials and deal with different topics

Food Courts

Food Courts :

Our schools have two main cafeterias that serve our students in the different levels at different times . Foods and drinks served to our students are under the supervision of the school administration and doctor to reinforce the level of health and cleanliness .

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool :

Believing strongly in the saying of the Messenger of Allah (May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) :
1- Teach your sons swimming , shooting and horse riding . We were conscious from the beginning to establish a fully equipped closed swimming pool , with showers and all the needed accessories.
2- Many special training courses are held during the year for all ages under the supervision of qualified trainers.

K.G Playing Area

K.G Playing Area :

P.N.S Kindergarten has a large , closed fully equipped and furnished playing area where our kids enjoy their time playing and practicing the feeling of being in a group.

While playing our kids enhance their personalities , feeling of independence and their cooperative attitudes.

Parent – Teacher Association

Parent – Teacher Association :

Philadelphia National Schools have organized its Parent – Teacher Association to get a full interaction between home and the school environment . Its aim is to discuss , evaluate and solve all social and educational issues . Our P.T.A participates in our school annual activities to enhance such a relation and to prove the value of working or belonging to a community.

Special Educational Needs :

P.N.S believes that all students need and have the right to learn in spite of their different educational abilities . In the primary level we have qualified teachers to follow up our students and to detect any hearing , visual or language problems at an early age , and conduct them . Moreover we have specialized teachers for native speakers and non-native speakers with special learning abilities . Of course these teachers work hand by hand with the homeroom teacher of the class to reach satisfying results and they are in close contact with parents.